The garden deserves as much attention as the interior of the house. Although this space is used only in summer for some, it is always better to decorate and develop it. But it is difficult to find furniture and decorative objects adapted to this outdoor space.
It is often necessary to find very durable equipment, resistant to rain, sun, and snow. Cabinet Makers Brisbane is a site specializing in garden and terrace equipment, discover the products here. Today, we are going to focus on outdoor cabinets that offer you a beneficial outdoor storage solution.

The utility of outdoor cabinets

Although many people do not see the value of having a garden cabinet at home, it is still essential to have one. First, for aesthetic reasons. Indeed, even if you have a well-maintained lawn or tiled pattern on your outdoor space, the decor will be incomplete without at least one piece of furniture. And the cabinet is the best furniture to fill that gap. But besides the aesthetic side, having an outdoor cabinet also offers practical benefits. You probably have garden maintenance equipment that you do not want to store in your home. Again, the garden cabinet will be a great help. Indeed, instead of piling your spades and forks in the garage, you will have a compartment specially designed for this.

How to choose an outdoor cabinet?

A garden cabinet can offer a lot of benefits. But to meet your needs, it is essential to make the right choice when buying. If you do not know how to do it, do not worry. We will now focus on what you need to know when choosing your outdoor cabinet. For this, we will list some criteria to consider and explain the reason for their importance.


When choosing a product, the first criterion to consider is always its design. Even if you are not particularly concerned about the appearance of your equipment, it is still better to have attractive objects at home. And the garden cabinet does not escape this rule. As we said before, this type of equipment is mainly used to decorate the outdoor space of your home. Therefore, if its design is not compatible with the rest of your garden, your cabinet may spoil the rest of the decor. On the question of design, we must not only consider the shape of the furniture. Color is also essential. The best is to find a model that perfectly matches the green color of your lawn or possibly the tile of your terrace. By doing this, you will surely find the model for you and your property.

Used materials

Like indoor models, garden cabinets come in different materials. The most used material is wood. Of course, wood is natural, it’s beautiful, and it’s ecological, but it has a huge weak point. Although this material is very durable, it does not withstand the weather. However, a garden cabinet will be exposed to rain, snow, and sun, unless it is placed in a covered terrace or other specific locations. That said, it is quite feasible to use outdoor wood furniture. It is preferable that the material is covered with a special coating resistant to the weather (paint, wax, varnish, or other coatings). If you do not want to opt for wood, you can entirely slice for metal models. In that case,

Size and capacity

Aside from aesthetics, the other utility of the outdoor cabinet is also storage. That’s why size is also one of the most important criteria when choosing this equipment. It is essential to define the size of your model according to the elements that will be stored there. This is particularly the case if you want to keep your bike out of sight. If this is the case, you will need a reasonably large cabinet. However, if you have a fairly small space, it is better to opt for a smaller model. Otherwise, your cabinet may be too troublesome during your outdoor activities.

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Installation and location

Two types of outdoor cabinets differ mainly in the position of their installation.

The classic garden cabinet

The typical garden cabinet is a relatively simple model that installs very quickly. Its particularity is that it can be installed anywhere in outdoor spaces. It consists of 4 side panels, including an opening, which allows it to be installed independently as a simple shelter.

The wall garden cabinet

Unlike the classic model, the wall garden cabinet has three side panels, including an opening. Therefore, it must be installed against a wall, which will allow you to gain more space.

Both models are both easy to install. The only difference is the location and space saving. The classic cabinet is especially suitable for those who have a large outdoor area and want to have an ample storage compartment. The wall cabinet, on the other hand, is slightly adapted to those who have a small terrace or garden. Thus, they can install their cabinet against a wall to gain more space.

Why buy at Cabinet Makers Brisbane?

Buying an outdoor cabinet at Cabinet Makers Brisbane will offer you a lot of advantages. First of all, the site has an extensive catalog offering a wide range. You will surely find a model that perfectly matches your needs. Besides, the site offers its products at unbeatable prices. The rates it displays also include delivery. And if the damage is found during this delivery, the consumer can report his observations to customer service who will resolve the problem or possibly replace the product as soon as possible. For information, Cabinet Makers Brisbane offers not only garden cabinets, but also many other outdoor pieces of equipment.