Generally, when one wishes to equip or arrange one’s home, one must choose between the purchase of more or less standard furniture in stores or the design of the custom-made cabinet. Each home has its constraints of volume and layout, and the custom cabinet offers many advantages: it can adapt to the available space, the decoration of the room (or your tastes) and the practice of your needs.

Why make a custom cabinet?

Design the ideal piece of furniture

To make a made-to-measure piece of furniture is to benefit from the advice of a craftsman to design with him the piece of furniture that suits you, taking into account the constraints related to the volume of the piece, the technical and practical aspects. Indeed, thanks to its experience and expertise, the carpenter or cabinetmaker can refer you to the solution best suited to your situation. Whether you have a clear idea of ​​the piece of furniture you want or you’re looking for inspiration, the craftsman will help you make the best choice.

Choose your design

Opting for a bespoke piece of furniture means having the opportunity to personalize your piece of furniture as much as possible to create a unique and original cabinet that will fit perfectly into any space. Depending on your problems and your wishes, you will have the choice between different materials, shapes, colors, and accessories


Fix the lost spaces

A home often has lost or poorly exploited spaces: a recess, a loft, a hallway, a high ceiling, an underside of stairs, all can be used to accommodate custom cabinet and storage. Turn unused spaces into the optimized custom cabinet!


Optimize small areas

In a small room, we will seek to optimize every square meter to make the most of the surface. We can imagine closets or a library while height, a bench with drawers and integrated storage, a mezzanine.

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A dressing room

Do you dream of being able to store and easily find all your clothes and shoes? If you have a large piece of empty wall or a small room that is not well used in your home, you can consider fitting out the dressing room of your dreams! Thanks to the tailor-made, you can compose yourself your dressing, choosing, for example, the type of door and opening (swinging or sliding doors), materials (wood, glazing, mirrors), the number and the location of shelves, wardrobes.

Closet or wardrobe

Do you have a hidden nook or wall in your living room, hallway, or other room in your home? Install a cupboard or wardrobe! This type of custom cabinet will allow you to make the most of the available volumes of your home, adapting to the physical constraints of your walls (loft, nook, space under a staircase) and your storage needs.

A desk

Design the office that exactly fits your needs: choose its dimensions, select the materials, add a box, one or more drawers, cover it with a glass plate. And if you have enough space, opt for a corner office!

A room divider

If you have a large room and you want to divide it in two, without building a wall, it is possible to have a room divider made by professionals. In this case, the craftsman will be able to offer you “double-sided furniture,” of which you will be able to choose the dimensions and the interior layout, to optimize its volume of storage.

Other custom cabinets

Many pieces of furniture can also be made to measure: kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, sideboards, chests of drawers, TV and hi-fi furniture, beds, headboards, tables, sofas… In the end, the majority of furniture in a house or apartment can be made in a personalized way!

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Choosing the elements of a custom cabinet

Having your furniture made to measure means having the opportunity to personalize your furniture by choosing their materials, their interior design, and their exterior appearance. All these customization elements will make your furniture unique and fully functional.

The materials

A vast choice of materials will be proposed to you by the professional in charge of the design of your made-to-measure furniture. This is usually a selection of materials from suppliers with whom he is used to working. For the manufacture of a made-to-measure piece of furniture, certain types of wood panels are generally preferred:

  • The agglomerate: made of wood particles bonded together, the agglomerate is a more or less raw and smooth material. It is used for practical and practical purposes rather than for decorative purposes.
  • MDF or “medium”: composed of compressed wood fibers glued together, the MDF offers a neat rendering, even in its raw state. It can be easily painted and decorated, and its work is easy (it does not disintegrate and is saw cleanly).
  • Melamine or laminate: based on chipboard or medium panels, each side of which is covered with a decorative paper coating. Several colors and finishes can be proposed: matte, glossy, smooth, or brushed. This type of panel is easy to clean with water.
  • Plywood: consisting of superimposed wooden plates and pressed hot, plywood is a particularly resistant material from 15 mm thick.
  • Solid wood: more expensive than wood products, but warmer, it offers a qualitative aspect without equivalent but will tend to deform over time. Pine and fir are the most economical species, but they are softwoods and mark in case of shock. If you are looking for nobler and more resistant woods, turn to oak or beech, even teak.

Of course, other materials can be proposed to you ( metals such as steel, aluminum, iron, glass, stone, concrete) and it is also possible to associate different materials between them (wood and metal, or wood and glass, for example). In some cases, one can also consider dressing the furniture concerned with leather or fabric.

Specific layouts, options, and accessories

Depending on the use you make of your custom cabinet, some practical or aesthetic arrangements may be considered:

  • Adjustment of the dimensions and position of the shelves, so that they can accommodate books, decorative objects, or even a television screen.
  • addition of hatches on the back or upper part of the furniture, to run cables
  • choice of sliding doors or hinged doors
  • selecting door handles or knobs, or choosing a pressure opening system
  • selection of furniture legs: height, shape, material
  • adding drawers, baskets, or sliding trays
  • set up of rods
  • integration of spots


The manufacture of a custom cabinet involves being able to choose from many colors, other than those that you can usually find in store. In this context, you are the only master on board, and it is up to you to choose the most appropriate color or color combination for your furniture from the range that is available to you.

Custom cabinet: how much does it cost?

The price of a custom made piece of furniture made by a craftsman is on average 25% to 100% higher than that of a classic piece of furniture bought in a specialized store.