Judiciously organizing your bathroom and arranging its furniture will require a lot of work and critical thinking. To guarantee that you feel comfortable in your bathroom, you may need the right answer to questions like; which custom bathroom cabinet will you choose for the furnishing of your bathroom? How to select your bathroom vanities and with what material? You will find an answer to all these questions and many others in this article.

Depending on the decoration of your bathroom

What is the style of your bathroom? Zen atmosphere, nature, design, or classic, it will be necessary to harmonize your bathroom cabinet with the spirit of the room decor. The wood, the stone, and the natural fibers should agree better with a style Zen or nature of your desired cabinet. For a design style, choose a modern bathroom cabinet with glass, metal, or mirrors.

Make no mistake about the colors: if the color of your walls is bright, avoid overloading the palette and opt instead for simple furniture in neutral tones. Cabinet Makers Brisbane offer the best options that are both pocket-friendly and of good quality.

Depending on the space you have in your bathroom

Proper management of the bathroom cabinet according to the available area will sometimes prove essential in case of the reduced surface. Take measurements, consider the constraints related to openings (windows and door) and fixed equipment (bath, shower, sink). Feel free to sketch plans to consider possible accommodations before investing in the right cabinet.

Cabinet Makers Brisbane offer the best bathroom cabinets that easily adapts to tight spaces, exploiting the wall surface in its height and fitting where you thought you could install any storage.

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Depending on their use

Think about your cabinet needs, the practicality and the use of your cabinet furniture every day. Cabinet with drawers will allow you to store your cosmetics or makeup rationally, for quick and easy access. In another style, your toiletries, hairdressers and other cosmetics can be divided into small baskets arranged in cabinet shelves.

Do not forget that some products must remain inaccessible to children: not only drugs but also sharp objects (for shaving, manicure, pedicure, etc.) and devices such as a hair straightener or an electric razor should be locked away in a cabinet with door and key.

Depending on their material and their properties

Another point to consider is the material of the bathroom cabinet and the properties induced by their manufacture. Cabinet Makers Brisbane offer bathroom cabinets with new guarantees. In addition to their moisture resistance, some of our cabinets are also water repellent or shockproof, scratch and chemical resistant.

Storage column and a high cabinet, for a small bathroom

Many are the interiors with a small bathroom. The organization of space is a significant issue. To get everything back, it must be tricky! Take your measurements carefully and do not hesitate to draw a bathroom plan. Provide the clearance needed to open cupboards and drawers, but also the movements in the room. For example, keep at least 70 cm in front of a sink or shower, and one meter in front of a bathtub.
Level storage, the bathroom column, long but narrow, is the ally of small rooms. The size is minimal compared to the possibilities it offers! Keep the toiletries at the height of the users, while you store the bath linens on the lowest shelf.

You can choose to hang or hang. But even if it is on feet, it is better to fix it for more stability: two brackets at the top of the furniture are very easy to install and avoid an accident. In this case, your column will nibble some space on the floor. Do not multiply furniture that reduces the floor space in a small room, or you could quickly have a feeling of confinement. Suspended, it frees space on the floor while facilitating cleaning.

Open, the column is practical, but a little less aesthetic. To book for items you need daily or even several times a day (toothbrush, hairbrush, moisturizer, etc.) Closed, it is more expensive, but you can install a mirror on the door to win the place.

In any case, the high cabinet is perfect for small areas: it optimizes the space by investing the walls for storage. In short, for smart bathroom design, get high!

Bathroom cabinet and low furniture, for those who have more space!

If you have a little more room, you can go to a bathroom cabinet, ideal for storing everything in one place!  Some low furniture type available buffet has quite their place. They welcome your “reserves,” these objects and products that you store: towels, bath mats, shampoos, and shower gels in advance … Equipped with wheels, the base cabinet is mobile according to your needs. The strongest can even serve as a seat! The rest of the time, you will stay in the corner of the room or under a piece of furniture higher up. Always provide clearance for opening closets and drawers.

Which material is preferred in humid rooms?

The shape of the furniture is one thing, but the material? There are three main categories:

  • Melamine or particle board: cheap, it is the least resistant of the materials. It is made from agglomerated wood particles, glued and covered with laminate whose color, texture and finish vary enormously (walnut, beech, wenge, satin, metalized). Bathroom sets are often made of chipboard. It is a lightweight material that is easy to clean but sensitive to moisture. To move away from water points!
  • The medium (MDF): heavier and more resistant than melamine, it is made of wood fibers and a binder. It is more expensive to buy, but the finishes will be better. The medium like melamine cleans very simply, with soapy water.
  • Natural wood: if the wood is easier to handle, it is, however, the most reliable material, provided you protect it well. Most bathroom furniture is made of exotic wood (teak, eucalyptus, bamboo, mahogany), which is more moisture-resistant than other types of wood. However, it is better to oil, and varnish if it is fir or pine. When buying your furniture, look for the FSC or PEFC labels that guarantee wood from sustainably managed forests. Exotic woods can be cleaned with soapy water and a brush. Otherwise, lightly sand the stain and oil the furniture again.